‘You can have Data without information, but you cannot have information without Data’


Each organization that wants to improve and to get more professional will benefit by starting to analyze its own Data. The good news is that there is so much data available that any organization can start their own Datadriven journey.
It’s not about ‘deciding today and implementing tomorrow’. It is a continuous process in which the organization makes progress step by step.
step by step.
We support you in:

  • People Analytics projects
  • Software Choice
  • Creating your own Analytics team


  • How can I improve my recruitment process to attract the right people?
  • How can I reduce unwanted turn over?
  • Does the onboarding program speed up the productivity of new employees?
  • What are the critical roles in my organization and how to keep them filled up?
  • Is there a relationship between employee engagement and performance?

These questions could be the starting point of People Analytics in your organization.
your organization.

You would like to continue with People Analytics in your organization but what about the software?

  • Would you like an integrated Analytics solution, embedded Analytics?
  • What about the Cloud?
  • Would you like an Analysis as well as a Visualization Tool?

Quite a number of questions to think about. Take your time to decide what is the best solution for your organization. We discuss your ideas, look at your current systems and investigate what kind of tooling would be the best fit for your situation.
your situation.

You are convinced of the added value of People Analytics for your organization and would like to build your own Analytics Team.

  • What skills are needed?
  • What about the organization and positioning of the Analytics team?
  • How do we attract the right people or can we educate current staff?

Crabet discusses your needs and looks at the opportunities to find the right people to create your own Analytics Team.
of our service.
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Go Data Driven.
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