‘During the masterclass People Analytics for HR Leaders, Sjenet was our enthousiastic guide in the HR value chain, metrics and Analytics. Thanks to Sjenet, the course was an inspiring combination of theoretical insights, exercises and interaction with participants from different organizations. Let’s break through that Wall of Boudreau!’

Kitty van der Heijden – Lek
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



Our interactive workshops enable you to get to know the world of People Analytics and the opportunities for your organization.

  • What is a Data Driven culture?
  • What are the benefits of Analytics?
  • How do I start using People Analytics in my organization?
  • What is the added value of People Analytics?
  • What is Strategic Workforce Planning?
  • Do you want to know more about People Metrics and more strategic HR?
  • Do you want to work with a data set and visualisation yourself?

Below you will find an overview of the workshops that we offer

Fnd below an overview of the workshops that we offer.
If you would like to have a tailor made workshop for your organization, contact us to discuss the opportunities


      People Analytics in 1 Day

  • What is People Analytics
  • Why People Analytics
  • How to start with People Analytics
  • People Analytics examples

    People Analytics for Managers

  • Introduction to a Data Driven organization
  • Added value of People Analytics
  • First steps in building a Data Driven organization
  • People Analytics use cases

      Hands on Analytics

  • Exploring a dataset in Excel
  • Create your own dashboard
  • Slicing and dicing in Excel
  • How to get from insights to actions


       From People Metrics to Analytics

  • Why do we measure what we measure
  • Differences between People Metrics and People Analytics
  • How to get from Metrics to Analytics
  • How to use Analytics for more strategic HR




Go Data Driven.
Start with People Analytics